UNICOIL Thread Repair System provides a quick, easy, economical and reliable way of repairing damaged thread or creating new thread. Each thread repair kit consists of precision stainless steel wire inserts, a quality HSS (High Speed Steel) tap, a HSS drill, and easy to use installation tool and an instruction manual. The system is suitable for use in steel, aluminium alloy and composite material.

Inserts are rolled from stainless steel wire into diamond shape in cross section and coiled into thread liked form. HSS Taps are precision ground to meet the highest tolerance requirement.

Benefits of using thread insert
1)     Thread created is stronger than the original thread
2)     Load is evenly distributed among thread
3)     Allow high strength fastening on weak material
4)     Compatible to inserts of other manufactures

UNICOIL manufactures and supplies a full range of thread inserts, taps, drill and inserting tools. We also provide special tools for industrial application.

Installation Process
Installation of thread insert is performed in three easy steps:

1)     Drill the damaged or new hole
2)     Tap the hole
3)     Install the insert. Remove Tang after installation